When you are going traveling, the internet is a valuable source of information, and a friend's advice or suggestion is not only welcome but usually something we look for. They can help us create and design a trip in a way that will allow us to experience a country at its best.

How we choose suppliers is not a paid listing or advertising site but a virtual friend that carefully selects its suppliers either personally or with the help of local tourist boards, friends, travelers advice and reviews and customers feedback.

Quality and safety
We constantly review the level of customer-service, safety records and insurance coverage offered by the operators we select and yes, we do personally participate in the activities in order to ensure that the quality and value of the experience is of the highest calibre, that is the fun part of our job!!!

Do you want to become or suggest a supplier?
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If you are a traveler or a local resident and want to suggest an activity or supplier in a specific destination, we do appreciate your contribution. Please email us at

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